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Put the big man on the spot with little man hire. It's priceless!

We've found a brilliant stag weekend stitch up for your jolly to Budapest. Handcuff the groom to a Dwarf for an hour, and watch him get increasingly exasperated as the hilarious little man nicks his beer, steals his women and generally makes a nuisance of himself!

Dressed as a devil or a cop, the Dwarf can act as your boy's naughty conscience or his stag weekend Fun Policeman. Either way, after three hours of close association the man of the moment will breathe a huge sigh of relief when the handcuffs are finally unlocked!

Fun, friendly and insanely good at drinking, your Dwarf is a cracking chap to have on a night out! Well, he is if you're not shackled to him while he laps up all the female attention in the room. Get your smartphones out for social media uploads that'll have everyone back home laughing into their pints!

We reckon a little man hire is a brilliant opportunity for a few stag weekend drinking games, too. Every time a hot Hungarian chick pays more attention to the Dwarf, you lot get to punish the stag with a forfeit. Winner.

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