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The venue's booked, the invites have been sent out and the rings are in their boxes. What could possibly go wrong? Enter the fake bride. She'll put the wind up the groom on his Budapest stag weekend! She's heard about the wedding and she's on the warpath. She'll turn up at the hotel on the Sunday, shake fake wedding papers in the stag's face and then treat him to a hot strip show. He definitely won't see this one coming!

Picture the scene: it's the morning after the last night. You're all feeling pretty delicate because you overdid it in the ruin pubs and clubs. It's the perfect time for a stag party prank. It's oh-so quiet...until fake bride storms into the hotel and finds the groom. Watch his face drop and then light up later when she starts peeling her clothes off. It's the ideal end to an epic Budapest stag weekend. Sunday is usually the quiet day. This little extra turns it around. The lads will perk right up and it'll make your last day in Budapest legendary.

An inspired blend of strip show and stag stitch up, the fake bride is a must. Get it booked and give your bro a grand finale to his Budapest stag weekend.

In brief:

  • Fake bride stripper
  • Arrives at the hotel with fake wedding documents
  • Takes place on the Sunday
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