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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see activities available in Budapest.

Pack the plus-fours and dust off that Ping visor, gents. It's time to put a little sophistication into your Budapest stag do. After all, it can't all be Hungarian fitties and vodka. Well, it can, but then what are you going to tell the Mrs when you get home?

Budapest is blessed with one of Europe's top country clubs, where the fairways roll past tricky bunkers and the greens command amazing views of lakes and beaches. There's a quality driving range for golf virgins, and the budding pros are catered for with five tee options at each hole. Play to your handicap, enjoy the sights and let the cool Hungarian air do something about your hangover. By the time you hit the 19th hole, you'll be ready to Bloody Mary it up and get back on the good stuff!

We've thought of everything with this one. You'll get an English-speaking guide to lead you around the championship course, and there' s a round of beers waiting for the boys after the game. Green fees are taken care of in the package price, so pick your tee time (afternoon, lads, let's be sensible) and line up the nine iron.

Top fare for a stag do afternoon, there's nothing like a spot of golf to encourage a bit of healthy competition. If you're serious, bring your handicap.

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