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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see the list activities available in Budapest.

Fed up of the same old stag do pranks? Don't really fancy having a drunk man's tadger waved in your face while you try to tie him to a lamp post? Leave the funny stuff to us, and you'll score a massive hit without breaking the law or giving the groom pneumonia!

The stag police kidnap is one of our most popular and convincing stitch-ups. It starts like any other stag do afternoon, with a quiet beer in a Budapest bar... Only before the groom has a chance to walk in the door, he's grabbed off the street by sinister figures and bundled into a van! You lot carry on as if you haven't noticed what's happening, and while you're settling in for some lovely Hungarian beers, we'll be pretending to grill your boy for ransom information.

The beauty of this prank is its reveal. Just when the poor fella thinks he's actually going to have to cancel his wedding to raise a release fee, we'll clue him in and watch his face go red with fury! We recommend having a few pints lined up for him when he gets back to the pub, just in case he hasn't calmed down yet...

There aren't many better ways to scare the living crap out of your best mate. And what could be simpler for you lot? Hand the responsibility for stag do pranks over to us, stick your feet up and order another beer. Perfect!

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