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You can't have a stag party in Budapest without indulging in a little mud wrestling. Or oil wrestling. Hey, as long as you get to see plenty of naked ladies writhing around in the muck, who cares whether they go in for coconut oil or liquid mud?

Watch Hungarian babes slipping and sliding about in the altogether, while you lot drink fresh lager and cheer them on! There'll be a smile as big as the Fisherman's Bastion on the groom's face.

Where's the prank in that? Well actually, there's one detail you might want to take note of after all. The roly poly stripper who's been hired to perform a hilarious 20 min show before the main event! She's big, she's bouncy and every inch of her is built for fun. Sit back, strap in, and film the groom with his head in places it shouldn't be, for the blackmail material of the year...

As if roly poly strippers weren't enough of a laugh, your stag party also gets to crack up as the main man is beaten up by naked ladies. They don't call it dirty wrestling for nothing, you know. These ladies will use every trick in the book to get him down and out! Expect booby slams, leg locks and all manner of saucy pinnings. Priceless.

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