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Get into the stag party groove with one of Budapest's most popular afternoon activities. We've arranged a huge selection of shooting packages, featuring some of the best-known firearms in the world. Blast, spray and tactically take out targets with pump action Remington tactical shotguns, semiautomatic machine pistols and even an FN-FALL long-barrelled sniper rifle.

Each package offers multiple guns, from legendary pistols (including the Glock 17 and the all-time classic .357 Magnum) to the real showstoppers, the rifles and machine guns. You'll get a full training session and safety briefing before you start unloading clips. The bigger the package, the more overall rounds you get to spend.

There's no point in coming all the way to Budapest for your stag weekend and not doing stuff you don't get a chance to do back in the good old UK. And there's nothing more likely to fit the bill than blowing seven shades of you-know-what out of random articles with a selection of deadly weapons. You'll be muttering quotes from your favourite movies as you slam another clip into your AK-47, and emulating Arnie every time you pump another round into the chamber of the Remington. Get some!

Your Budapest shooting experience package includes:

  • A selection of small and heavy arms, depending on the package
  • A selection of clips and rounds for each gun
  • Full safety training
  • Protective equipment
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