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Yes lads, you did read that right. Tank driving. In a tank. With a dirty great big gun sticking off it. We'll bring you to a purpose built tank track just outside Budapest, where your inner warrior gets to come out and play!

Other stag party activities just play at soldiers. This one goes Apocalypse Now on your ass for real. Climb inside the cockpit of a genuine actual war machine, fire up the engine and prepare to crush everything that gets in your way! With qualified instruction right there with you, you'll learn how to crawl over obstacles, rotate the gun turret and get into suitable firing positions.

Don't be fooled by the size of your tank, by the way. It might look like it'd take a 27 point turn to get it round a corner, but it goes like poo off a shovel! Expect to bump around inside until you get used to the power.

Tank driving is the last word in stag party madness. Forget go karts, quads and 4x4s. If you want something that'll put a real tiger in your tank, you need to plough through dirt obstacles in 65 tonnes of metal death!

Budapest is one of those places where stags get to do stuff you just can't do back in Blighty. You know you want to. Seriously. It's a tank, for goodness' sake. Chaaaarge!

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