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The food is one of the best things about going abroad for your stag do. Well, that and the pleasing proliferation of hot European women. Start your weekend with a traditional Hungarian meal in one of Budapest's favourite restaurants, and you'll emerge fortified with goulash and ready to take on the city!

Forget about minuscule portions of trendy fusion food, or lukewarm American 'classics'. When you've flown all the way from the UK to Budapest, you'll need something substantial to eat before you get your game face on. And no-one does substantial like the Hungarians.

Budapest is big on game, spicy casseroles and rich helpings of dumplings and noodles. And it's not just the food that's traditional. You'll finish your hearty three course banquet (washed down with plenty of free beer) with a locally made shot, perfect for cleansing the palate and getting the digestive system going.

Forget staggering around the city at 9pm, smashed already because you tried to survive on plane food alone. With an advance booking at this central Budapest restaurant, you're making a savvy stag do choice that could be the difference between an early bail-out and an all-nighter! You'll have paid for everything in advance, too, so there's no last-minute dicking around with the bill. Perfick.

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