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Right then gents. Time to stop fannying and start drinking. This traditional bar crawl absolutely, positively guarantees to leave every man jack of you drunk as a Hungarian lord, and ready for whatever the rest of your stag night brings!

Budapest is full of trendy bars and basement clubs, but it's also crammed with proper Hungarian pubs. We're talking flagstone floors, massive-bosomed serving wenches and beer strong enough to knock out a father in law at ten paces. This is a proper drinking session for proper drinkers. Bring your beer survival kit and get ready to prove your mettle!

Our brilliant guide will take you to the best traditional Hungarian pubs in Budapest, renowned for their authentic atmosphere and fantastic beer. Each feller on the stag night gets six beers and four shots, and your guide can point you in the direction of the fanny when you've finished quaffing. Sod wandering around the city trying pubs at random, or ending up in swanky-pants bars by mistake. This is a bar crawl for men only.

You can't come all the way to Budapest and not soak up a bit of the local culture. Luckily for you, the local culture is mostly massive jugs of beer and waitresses with norks the size of firkins. Boom.

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