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We love wakeboarding. You can do it anywhere there's a lake, or a river, and a boat. You look cooler than Patrick Swayze in Point Break while you're doing it. And with a quality centre just up the road from central Budapest, you don't have far to travel before you're carving out a niche for your stag party as the water sports kings of Hungary!

Basically surfing without waves, wakeboarding uses a wider, sharper board to get you going. Because you don't need the water power to start moving, the board's shorter, too. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to switch side to side and pull mad air with the best of them - just the thing to get the ladies looking!

Don't worry if no-one in the stag party has ever tried wakeboarding before. We'll hook you up with a professional instructor, who'll have you slicing and dicing through the foam in no time. There's a safety briefing before you start, and a round of beers for the boys when they've finished showing off.

Be warned: hungover stags are going to find this one tricky. And yes, that is a cue for a stitch up. Make sure you bring your smartphones to immortalise the groom's epic face planting skills!

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