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Who said you had to go into full-on Neanderthal mode on your stag do? The WAGs might think it's all about dangerous drinking games, jumping in and out of the Danube (it's freezing, btw) and putting your nuts in the groom's pint when he isn't looking. But they'd be wrong. On a stag in Budapest, it's just as likely to be a wine glass. Yep, boys, it's time to take things up a notch.

This is the poshest hangover cure known to stag, and a quality way to smuggle an extra drinking session into your weekend without being vetoed by the missis. Get a handle on the most quaffable varietals in Hungary, including the legendary Tokay or Tokaji - a spectacular sweet white famed throughout the world.

We've found a quality wine tasting venue right in the heart of Budapest's most historic district. You'll see some fantastic castles while you drink - just the thing for a bunch of legendary ruins, who spent far too much of last night doing crazy Hungarian shots!

Make the most of your two days in Budapest - get some serious drinking done without having to reveal all to her indoors. You'll get to pound, sorry sample, a minimum of 6 different Hungarian vinos, and with delicious bar snacks to balance the equation you'll still be able to walk when you've done the lot. More beer in the evening, then!

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