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Ring the changes with a breathtaking catamaran cruise into the hidden waters of the Riviera Maya. One of the most beautiful spots in Cancun, this secret location is a perfect break from the madness of a week long stag party!

Your luxury catamaran sets sail from a centrally located marina, and heads out along the Maya to Isla Mujeres. Half Caribbean beach hideaway, half Mayan jungle paradise, it's an incredible place to chill, go exploring and get stuck into a regular smorgasbord of free drinks. This being the Caribbean, that doesn't just mean a couple of beers. Fancy a tequila to get things up and running again? No worries. Rum, vodka and beer are also on the free list, as are soft drinks for the lightweights.

Tropical paradises don't come much better stocked than Isla Mujeres, which boasts an exclusive beach club where we'll give you lunch. Choose from a massive buffet offering a huge range of Caribbean classics including tacos, beans, rice, pasta, chicken and battered fish.

There are optional spinnaker and snorkelling tours, to give your stag party the full taste of life in Paradise. Relax, get the boardies on and slow down to island time. Ja mon!

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