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Gentlemen, welcome to the future. For every stag who ever wanted a hoverboard as a kid, the Flyboard is the afternoon activity you've been waiting for!

The ultimate extreme watersport, Flyboarding is not for the faint of heart. A 100bhp jetpack is attached to your feet, and controlled with a hand-held joystick. You'll rocket out of the ocean like Iron Man, and if you get really good you'll be pulling flips and horizontal turns that would make the Silver Surfer go home in a sulk. There is nothing like this anywhere else on earth, so if you want to book a stag week stunner that'll be talked about on your 50th wedding anniversary, this is the way to go!

Your Flyboard afternoon includes professional instruction, safety gear and a guide who'll take you to the best spots to let rip. Forget wakeboarding, surfing and hovercraft. Ride the sky and smash the ocean to smithereens. It's Back To The Future on steroids, boys, and it's as real as it gets.

Don't worry if some of your stag week compadres are too chicken to feel the rush. They can hold onto the smartphones (waterproof only if you want them to work when you get back to shore!) and record the madness for posterity.

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