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You've smashed it in the clubs, kicked it celeb style in a fully appointed yacht and gone all Back To The Future with a Flyboard. So what's left? How about hurling yourself out of a plane at 10,000 feet, attached to a total stranger?!

If you're going on a stag week in Cancun, you have to jump out of an aircraft. It's that simple. You've got seven whole days to play with, so there's no excuse for not making every one of them count. In a week full of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, this is the big one. Book now before you bottle it!

A sky dive is the ultimate adrenaline rush - and when you jump tandem you only need to train for 20 mins before you take to the skies. Get the lads together for a stag party bonding experience they'll never forget, or club up for a last week of freedom present for the big man. After he's taken the plunge from the clouds, walking down the aisle will seem like a piece of cake!

A sky dive over the beautiful Caribbean waters of Cancun gives you some of the most spectacular views in the world. If you can stop screaming long enough to pay attention, you'll see more in the 40 seconds of freefall and eight minute parachute ride than you will in the rest of your stag week. Amazing.

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