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Unleash the beast with a track day that'll have you howling with sheer joy. Never thought you'd get the chance to drive a Ferrari, or put the legendary Porsche 911 through its paces? Think again! With this instant stag party classic, the boys and the playboy toys finally get to find out what each other can do...

Your afternoon starts with a hair-raising set of recon laps in a crazy-powerful Camaro SS. Strap in and feel the G's while the pro track instructor works the awe-inspiring Yankee beast to the limits of its endurance! Then, with heart beating like a mad drummer and your tongue still stuck to the back of your head, it's time to pick the supercar that will be your steed for the day. What'll it be? R8? F430? Elise? You choose, you learn and then you burn!

You'll be lapping the legendary Cancun speedway, which is perfectly set up for stag party madness: long hammering straights, fast turns and a few challenging corners to keep things interesting. You'll be glad of those theory lessons when you're hitting speeds of 100mph plus coming out of the bends...

Your Cancun track day includes professional instruction, car hire, recon laps in a Camaro SS and full safety gear.

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