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You're looking at one of the UKs top location for stag parties and suppose we need to do this right. Yes, the lads are up for a laugh and plenty of booze. But if we're going to do this, we're doing it the best way possible. Football Darts is ideal for groups who are looking for something to do whilst in Cardiff, but it also means that the big lad won't be disappointed with just a boozy weekend away.

Don't take this game for granted either. It might look simple, but it's far from it. Football Darts is the new craze and what better place to show the Welshmen how to crack on with two sports in one hit? You can grab those footie boots you stored in the cupboard for another day, time to shine boys and show each other really who can do more than one sport. With a large inflatable darts board, velcro footballs and your own event coordinator to keep you lot in line, this game is pretty simple. Whoever hits the highest score wins. What isn't too like about this one? Don't hang about booking this activity, we don't want you missing out.

In a nutshell:

  • Football meets darts
  • Large inflatable dart board and velcro footballs
  • On hand event staff to keep the score
  • Group photo
  • 60 minute session
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