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A sea kayaking stag weekend in Cardiff is well worth checking out if you're up for doing something different. Hit Porthcawl, one of the best surf and kayaking spots in South Wales, and learn the basics of one of the world's most popular watersports.

No experience necessary, just bring swimwear, a towel and a sense of adventure.

Easier to master than surfing, sea kayaking is ideal if you want to be able to master the basics of a watersport in one session. Catching a wave is far simpler but the rush is every bit as sweet. You'll have more chance of pulling off some pro moves during your first time out: just make sure you're not dropping in on any local surfers before you stick your oar in and pull a big lip smack.

On arrival, a qualified instructor will go through a safety briefing and kit your stag party out with the necessary gear. During the course of your first sea kayaking lesson, you'll learn how to sit in a kayak, paddle forwards and turn whilst stationary and moving. When everyone's got to grips with the fundamentals, the group will paddle through the open waters.

Sea Kayaking in Cardiff Includes:

  • Professional instruction
  • Kayak hire
  • All necessary safety equipment and clothing

Duration: allow half a day including transfers.

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Sea Kayaking

This Package Includes

  • Sea Kayaking
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • Accommodation

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