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In the ongoing conflict that is stag vs food, who will win? In the food corner, we present the Burgergeddon: a pile of meat so crazy it's liable to end up in an institution (or somewhere on the streets of Cardiff, if the stag manages to get it all down!). And in the stag corner - it's your man, who doesn't even know he's going to be taking on Wales' maddest food challenge until it comes out of the kitchen!

You don't have to keep the Man v Food stag challenge a secret, but come on - how much fun will it be to see his face when he has to confront a pile of food that would make Adam Richman hand in his hat?

Here's the deal. We book you a table at one of the most popular restaurants in the centre of Cardiff, which specialises in Man v Food challenges. Your group and the stag will attempt: A specially crafted Dirty Burger with over 1.2lbs of Beef, 1x side of Chilli Cheese fries, 1x side of onion rings, 1x side of coleslaw, 1x chocolate brownie, 1x large coke float each! It's going to be big - so insanely big the whole place will end up cheering him on while he tries to get it down!

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Stag v Food

This Package Includes

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  • Lap Dancing Club Entry
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