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Every stag party loves firing a gun. It's just one of those things. But what if your best mate's other half has banned him from paintball? Or you don't fancy spending an afternoon shooting clays with really noisy shotguns? Well, that's when you get the air rifles out. Lads, this is an awesome alternative to standard shooting activities.

If you ever tried to win stuff at a fairground shooting gallery, and left cursing your rubbish aim, now's your chance to try again! And here's the news. The targets in a fairground are totally rigged. You couldn't hit them if you tried for a million years. But here, with the sights of your air rifle properly lined up, you can finally find out what it feels like to knock down those pesky metal men.

Knock them flat, or spin them round. The instructors on this activity are awesome at getting your eye in, and teaching you to raise the barrel of your rifle slightly so the pellet drops smack bang into the middle of the target. And with squillions of BBs to go around, every dude on the stag party is pretty much guaranteed to score a whole load of hits.

This is also a covered activity - you're shooting under a canopy - so it doesn't matter whether Derby is basking in sunshine or being lashed with rain. You'll be bone-dry and cool as you like.

In a nutshell:

  • Air rifle shooting in Derby
  • Covered shooting range
  • Traditional carnival targets
  • Traditional air rifles
  • Instruction and safety briefing
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