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You're going to see some pretty funny sights on your Derby stag do - like the best man's brother trying to pull after too many Jagerbombs - but none of them come close to the bungee run! This hilarious inflatable challenge is so awesome it should be an Olympic sport. Olympics of hungover mentalists, that is.

Here's how it works. Separate the lads into teams, and get them dressed up in stupid costumes (hey, it's a stag do. You have to have stupid costumes). Then send them off two at a time, racing down an inflatable runway with a Velcro baton in their hands. The object of the game: the person who sticks his baton furthest down the line gets the most points. The team with the most points wins.

Oh - did we mention the runners are attached to massive bungee cords? Legging it along a bouncy-castle style racecourse, while the bungee is trying to pull you back to the starting line, is priceless. Trust us, everyone gets into the spirit of this one. You'll be giving it everything you've got to get that extra inch, before you go flying back to the start at supersonic speed!

We love the bungee run. It's a great way to put some fun into a hungover stag do Saturday: and it can be part of a bigger afternoon of driving and shooting events too. Get the lads away from Derby's pubs and bars for a few hours, and get involved.

In a nutshell:

  • Stag do bungee run races
  • Combine with driving and shooting activities
  • Safety kit and instruction
  • Close to Derby
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