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Discover the world beneath the ground in this epic stag weekend activity. For the adventurous feller only, caving is one of the ultimate red-letter experiences. Are you ready to explore the 300-million-year-old mysteries lying just feet beneath the Derbyshire countryside?

You don't want to come on a Derby stag weekend and spend all your time quaffing ale in a real pub! Leave Iron Gate and Friar Gate for night-time, and spend daylight hours doing something completely different. Mind you, you'll be doing it in total darkness, so it doesn't really matter what time it is...

Caving is dramatic, challenging and completely awesome. Kitted out with some serious safety gear, you'll vanish into a cave system that has a ton of mind-blowing features to reveal. Explore a world filled with stalagmites, stalactites and underground pools as you clamber, scramble and squeeze into the bones of the earth.

You'll be given a head-torch to light the way, a helmet, and an oversuit to keep the wet out. It's advisable to bring a change of clothes, though: you never know when a subterranean pool will turn out to be more than waist-deep!

If the big feller is up for an adventure, caving fits the bill. It's heart-poundingly brilliant, utterly different, and something you can't do just anywhere. Let's face it, lads. You don't come to Derby just to watch the Rams. If you're on a stag weekend here, the chances are you like a bit of outdoor action. It doesn't come more adrenaline-fuelled than this.

In a nutshell:

  • Caving in Derbyshire/the Peaks
  • Safety briefing and gear
  • Expert instructors
  • Not suitable for people with claustrophobia
  • Bring clothes you don't mind getting wet
  • Bring a change of clothes
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