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Bam! There are all sorts of ways to get a rush on a stag weekend, but few of them come close to clay shooting. Yes, it's a sport for posh people. And yes, you have to pay attention to a bloke who looks like your grandad so you don't shoot your own foot off. But you also get to blow stuff up with pump-action shotguns.

That's right, lads. On this clay shooting activity, you don't just have the option of using traditional sporting rifles. Nuts to that! What you want - and what you can have, if you go for the pump-action weapon package - is a police-issue Enforcer, designed to get cops through doors people don't want them to get through. Yeah boy.

This awesome venue is just down the road from Derby. You'll be shown the ropes by experienced instructors, who know how to handle both the sports rifle and tactical shotgun models. Learn to load, handle and fire weapons you'd never be able to use normally. And watch in awe as the flying targets shatter in midair!

When you actually hit a clay, it's the most epic feeling you can imagine. Hitting paper targets is cool, but blowing something into a cloud of dust, while it's moving? Now that's something you'll never forget. Yippee kay aye, mother humper.

In a nutshell:

  • Stag weekend clay shooting activity
  • Close to Derby
  • Option to use Benelli tactical pump-action shotguns
  • 25-50 shots (depends on package)
  • 60-90 mins (depends on package)
  • All safety equipment and briefing
  • Instruction
  • Maximum 36 people
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