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There are all kinds of different activities you give you and the lads something to do whilst you're on the stag weekend in Derby. But with Football Darts, we have cleverly combined two sports into one. This isn't just your traditional stag weekend activity. This is ideal for groups who are looking for something to do, to keep all the lads happy. Your venue won't be far from the city centre, but rather than travelling elsewhere to another activity we've combined two at the same time. Bargain!

Just take the best bits away from a footie games. And then take away the even better bits away from your normal darts game. Here we have it, football darts. Imagine a very large inflatable dart board, a tonne of velcro footballs, plenty of games and your own event coordinator to keep the score for you, meaning you won't have to think too much and use those sore heads after sampling the local beers the night before. It's pretty simple, get the highest points on the board and you'll win. Get the Bulls Eye and you might be in for a lucky night too! Don't hang about with this one, you want the best time slot you can get.

In a nutshell:

  • Football meets darts
  • Large inflatable dart board and Velcro footballs
  • On hand event staff to keep the score
  • Group photo
  • 60 minute session
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