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Want to prove your mettle on your Derby stag weekend? Get the boys out of the bars for a day, and take them gorge walking!

This is no ordinary walk through the Peaks, gentlemen. Gorge walking is the crack commando unit of afternoon strolls. It's the Royal Marine Corps of hiking. In other words, it's totally badass and absolutely guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping.

Expert instructors will get you kitted out with all the gear you need to do battle with the great outdoors, and lead you into a gorge filled with natural obstacles. You'll need to climb, scramble, jump and even swim as you attempt to make it from one end to the other, without deviating from your route!

Travel in the straightest line possible, and take every obstacle head-on. With the instructors there to encourage the lads, they'll find themselves making jumps and climbs they never thought they'd attempt.

Gorge walking is the ultimate stag weekend activity for a groom who likes to get out in the fresh air and show everyone how tough he is. It's like an Iron Man training session for fellers with hangovers! Talking of which, you'll need to turn up sober or you won't get to go. Your instructors are on hand to teach you the best ways through the rapids, waterfalls, boulder fields and pools that make up the course, but they won't be able to help you if you're too hammered to stay safe.

Bring clothes you are happy to get wet in, and a change of clothes for afterwards. This is going to be epic.

In a nutshell:

  • Gorge walking in dramatic terrain
  • Close to Derby
  • Experienced guides
  • All safety gear
  • Bring clothes you don't mind getting wet, a towel, and a change of clothes
  • All safety gear
  • Bring clothes you don't mind getting wet, a towel, and a change of clothes.
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