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Unfortunately this activity no longer available, please see our full list of other activities available in Derby.

Sometimes, you want to do a shooting activity that doesn't leave you with your ears ringing! With laser clays, you get all the satisfaction of blasting moving targets as they zip through the air, but you can still hear properly when you're done. And that means you can talk to girls when you go out in Derby on Saturday night. It's the perfect stag do solution!

A laser shotgun is utterly awesome. The latest in high tech artillery, it's also lighter and easier to handle than a traditional weapon. With no recoil, there's nothing to mess up your aim. A normal shotgun barks like a dog and punches like Evander Holyfield. A laser version is silent, simple, and deadly accurate.

Lads who've already spent night one of their stag do sampling Derby's pubs and clubs are likely to have a pretty epic hangover. Who wants to fire insanely loud tactical weapons when their head feels like it's being sandpapered? With no explosion to cope with, even fellers with monumental headaches can take part. So if you reckon the boys are going to go crazy on the Friday, laser clays are the ultimate Saturday afternoon activity.

We'll take you to a shooting centre that's just down the road from Derby: roughly 30 minutes by car. You'll learn how to handle the rifles safely, track the laser clays as they whizz overhead, and score a direct hit on the target. Boys, welcome to the future of sports shooting.

In a nutshell:

  • Equipment hire
  • Safety instruction and briefing
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