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Mneeeeeh-mneeeeh-mneeehm! No, it's not Jay off The Inbetweeners doing the Crazy Frog. It's your engine. Yes, boys. We put a bunch of quad bikes in the wash, turned the heat up and shrunk them. Welcome to the funniest thing you can do on four wheels.

Micro quads are absolutely awesome. They're itsy-bitsy little quad bikes, which develop a massive 160cc. That might not sound like much, but when you're trying to control a thing that looks like it came out of a toybox, it's all the speed you need! Topping out at just 17mph, these slippery, slide-y little beasts are worth more stag weekend laughs than anything else. Well, unless the groom gets so hammered in Derby's Iron Gate that he ends up asleep in a bin.

This epic stag weekend race challenge takes place on our own driving site, just a short distance from Derby city centre. You'll be tasked with beating your mates around slalom courses and obstacles. Can you handle the awesome power of the micro quad, as it wiggle and wriggles like a - well, like a really tiny bike?

Bigger isn't always better! This is one of the most epic stag weekend races around. What micro quads lack in, erm, girth, they definitely make up for in hilariousness. Do it!

In a nutshell:

  • Micro quad races
  • On our driving course near Derby
  • All equipment and safety briefing
  • Instruction
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