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Ceid mile failte! Pull off a rousing welcome to your Dublin stag weekend with a belt-looseningly good Irish meal and a proper knees up. Forget Flatley, this is the real deal: beer, more beer, jolly blokes with bodhrans and what was it? Oh yes, even more beer. Drink your fill, dance the evening away in the company of some lovely Celtic colleens, and get the whiskys in before closing time. This is the first night stag party, Dublin style.

The Irish party is one of Dublin's 'must do' events, and it comes under that classic stag weekend heading of 'things you can't do back in England'. In other words, it's one of the top reasons for heading off to Ireland before you tie the knot. That, and all the Guinness of course. And the redheaded green-eyed bewitching beauties. And the endless pubs. You know, that sort of thing. Let's face it - Ireland's hospitality is the stuff of legend from London to New York. So if your idea of stag party heaven involves a night in the pub you'll still be talking about when you've lost enough teeth to look like Shane MacGowan, you've no more searching to do. Clogs on, beards at the ready. It's time for a proper craic!

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