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Explore Dublin without having to join a tour group or hop on a bus! This unique treasure hunt is a completely different way to see the city, featuring head-scratching challenges and clever clues.

To progress through the hunt and see the secret side of the city (as well as some of its most famous monuments, of course!) your stag party will have to work together to solve cryptic conundrums and finish photo challenges. You'll need to mix brains with good old fashioned common sense to come out on top and be the first team to finish the tasks!

The treasure hunt is programmed to lead you to must-see Dublin monuments, but also to take you to some surprising and hilarious destinations!

What with this being your stag party, we've made sure there are a few watering holes to visit along the way. Just don't lose focus, or you'll be beaten by the bride's dad.

Split your stag into teams for a race against the clock. We'll supply you with an instant camera and a book of challenges. Who can crack the codes and work out the riddles - and who's going out on the town later wearing a dunce cap?

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Treasure Hunt

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