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There's cocktail making and then there's cocktail making in Dubrovnik! This Croatian city has bars on cliff tops, in caves and in the city walls. Learn how to muddle a Mojito, build over ice and mix like a pro under the watchful eye of a mixologist. Become the hottest thing behind the bar since the Jagerbomb.

Learn to make two classic long drinks using proper cocktail making tools and techniques. The session starts with a quick demo and then it's your turn to have a bash.

Cocktail making is trickier than it looks on TV! There's an art to mixing spirits, juices, mixers, fresh ingredients and ice in the right quantities. Get behind the bar and blend the lot. It's a bit like being a scientist, only with booze, shakers and fun instead of chemicals and test tubes.

Like all great stag do activities, this one has a competitive edge. Find out who's a master of mixology and who should stick to shorts!

Cocktail making is a no brainer for a stag do in Dubrovnik. Break the ice with booze, have a bash at making stuff and scope out a couple of bars for later on. It's a classic, no-fail party starter.

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