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Cliff jumping is for stags with gigantic nadgers. If the groom wants to do something bonkers with a whiff of danger, jumping off 15-40ft rock platforms into a river should do it. Come to Edinburgh for a brilliant bucket list experience.

Cliff jumping is basically canyoning minus ropes and harnesses. Experienced instructors will do the safety bit before kitting you out and teaching techniques for jumping in the water. There's an art to it. Belly flops will bring the pain! No experience needed, just bring swimming stuff, a towel, trainers and a warm jumper for afterwards. Oh, and nuts the size of Holyrood House. Your stag weekend will become the stuff of living legend after you've all launched yourself into the air like a bunch of massive lemmings.

After such a bracing (and exhilarating/terrifying) experience, what could be more fitting than repairing to a proper Edinburgh hostelry for a pint and a shot? Get some warmth back into your bones, and relive the day's madness.

There are few activities more fitting for a stag weekend than cliff jumping. Taking the plunge into married life will be a walk in the park after leaping into a river from a great height!

Cliff Jumping in Edinburgh Includes:

  • Safety briefing
  • Tuition
  • Wetsuit, jacket, helmet, buoyancy aid

Duration: allow half a day
Requirements: you must be able to swim

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Cliff Jumping

  • Cliff Jumping
  • Comedy Club
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