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It's time to nut up!

Ideal for a stag do, dodgeball takes no prisoners. There's nothing nice, friendly or considerate about this game. It's a golden opportunity to gang up on the stag and hang your mates out to dry for ages-old offences. We'll arrange for you to battle it out in a properly organised dodgeball tournament, with a host and everything. Sweat off the hangover you earned after too many whiskies on Grassmarket, or down Leith Docks if the stag likes his swanky bars.

No stag party activity is more competitive than dodgeball. This one is all about the survival of the fittest. The runts are picked off one by one until the leaders of the wolf packs are left on their own. Then it's time for the ultimate face off. Remember the golden rules: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! Who will be top dog and who will hang his head in shame when the final whistle blows?

Chest beating? You bet. Roaring? Absolutely. Sweating? There won't be a single drop of alcohol left in your body after a stag party dodgeball tournament. Forget the Highland Games - this is Edinburgh's toughest challenge!

In brief:

  • Organised dodgeball event with a tournament feel
  • Instructor/referee
  • Reserved court for 60-90 (determined by group size)
  • Option to stitch up the stag and tailor your games
  • Fancy dress welcome
  • Minimum of 8 players required
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