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Welcome to Edinburgh!

You need something well funny for an Edinburgh stag weekend. Before you hit the comedy club and the pubs, get stuck into the funniest form of the beautiful game ever created: electric shock football! It's the sport that turns the guys on the ones will all the power! Here's how this plays out: five or six of you play on each side, but two of you sit it out. Equipped with electric shock thingies that allow you to buzz anyone on the pitch. That includes the ref.

We don't want to be spoil sports but you really do need to be over 18 for this one.

We believe in fair play. That's why you rotate: so every man on the squad gets a go with the buzzer. When your time's up, that's it. You're on the pitch and it's buzz time!

Kilts? Bring 'em on. This is an Edinburgh stag weekend so feel free to do the whole team kit thing. Just remember one thing: if you're thinking of going commando, don't jump too high when you get buzzed because you know the guys will stitch you up with photo and video with a ball shot which isn't the football! It's the law of the stag!

In a nutshell:

  • Electric shock football is an over-18 activity
  • Event coordinator and referee
  • Bibs, ball and electric shock devices
  • 15 people maximum
  • Team photo
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