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Paintballing in the wilds of Scotland is just what the stag doctor ordered. If you're planning a party weekend in Edinburgh, split into teams, suit up and take the opposition down in a no-holds-barred, blood, sweat and tears battle for dominance.

Located only 15 minutes from Edinburgh city centre, the paintball arena offers 15 different mission scenarios. Storm the hill and destroy the machine gun bunkers. Go head-to-head on an open battlefield with nowhere to run or hide. Assassinate the leader of the rebellion. Take the bridge from the enemy. Speed, smart strategy and team work will see you win boasting rights for the rest of the stag weekend.

You'll play at least six high energy games, with loads of different scenarios to get your teeth into. It's like every game you ever played with your mates as a kid, only with an actual real-world environment, massive guns and full-on attack gear. Who said growing up had to be anything other than fun?

When you've retaken the bridge, decimated the opposition and put down the revolution, your stag party will probably be ready for some fresh drinking. Edinburgh's a quick ride back, then it's off for the bar. Get the shots in!

Stag Party Paintballing in Edinburgh Includes:

  • 6 games (minimum)
  • Mission briefing
  • Marshals
  • Camouflage overalls
  • Full head and face gear
  • Guns
  • 1 pot of paintballs each
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