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Think you can bench press a caber or convince a lovely Scottish lassie to pose for a photo with you? Lads, if you're looking for the ultimate stag do dares, look no further than the Ultimate Stag Treasure Hunt!

This classic slice of stag do madness has it all: quiz questions, video dares, photo challenges and beer stops. Yep, you did read that right! Not only are we taking you on an epic journey around the streets of Edinburgh, we're also giving you three opportunities to put your feet up and have a nice cold beer. You're welcome.

Basically, this is your chance to get to all the hottest spots in Edinburgh without feeling like you're wasting time on actual sightseeing. For every step on your journey, you'll have to bring back photo or video evidence of the boys doing something crazy. Or answer general knowledge questions. Or talk to girls. Hey - it's like we know exactly what a chap wants from a stag do, and put it all in one epic afternoon!

Reckon you've got the smarts to beat the quiz, and the nuts to complete the challenges? Get out into Edinburgh's historic streets, and cause mayhem. Well, OK, not actual mayhem. We don't want anyone getting arrested. But, you know, turning a few heads isn't so bad. Especially if they belong to the ladies. Good luck!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag do treasure hunt and dares
  • 3 pub stops
  • Video and photo challenges
  • Off Limits accepts no responsibilities for injuries sustained doing sporting dares
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