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The treasure hunt gets the stag party treatment! If you're looking for brilliant ideas for Essex stag weekends, get your names down for this quest, pronto. The aim of the game is to get round one of the biggest towns in Essex, smashing photo and video challenges, solving clues, doing dares and drinking beer in pubs. You don't need to be a history geek or be any good at geography. The clues and questions are the kind you find on the average pub quiz. Split into teams and race the clock to the finish point. Who's got the competitive edge and who will get sidetracked by beer?

If you want to win bragging rights for the rest of the weekend, get in the game! This is the best treasure hunt for Essex stag weekends. Put your heads together to answer the questions and get the lads on the lookout for cool stuff to collect and hot girls for the photo challenges. The route has plenty of pubs for your beer breaks. When it's time to grab a cold one, the pint prompt will pop up. Find a pub and get the beers in.

Perfect Saturday afternoon stuff for Essex stag weekends, the Big Man Treasure Hunt will get the lads up and about and keep them entertained until it's time to hit the bars, pubs and clubs of Chelmsford, Romford or Brentford.

In brief:

  • Treasure hunt with pub breaks (you choose the pubs)
  • Designed for Essex stag parties
  • Clues and pub quiz-style questions and trivia
  • Scavenger hunt to complete
  • Photo challenges
  • Create video
  • Dares
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