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You've played laser quest and laser tag. Now it's time to upgrade to the big leagues. If you're planning an Essex stag do, laser mayhem is a big must. We've found the ultimate laser combat arena slap bang in the middle of Essex. It's got a whacking great tank with monster caterpillar tracks, plus a couple of armoured personnel carriers you can actually climb into and shoot from. That's just for starters. You will get two solid hours of laser mayhem in an arena with eight special laser combat zones.

The location is a secret base near an Essex village that's just off the M25 and M11. When you arrive at HQ, the marshals will kit you out with guns and show you to the battle zone. Storm the fort. Experience the Essex version of Black Hawk Down. Plant the bomb and blow the enemy's radar to kingdom come. Outwit the opposition, dodge the massive gun, steal the fuel barrels and leg it back to base before they get you in their sights.

As this is laser mayhem, you'll shoot with laser guns rather than paintball markers so no reloading during that all-important shootout. The guns are deadly accurate and have a range of around 300m. And of course you won't be firing paintballs, so no bruises. That means the stag doesn't have to worry about getting shot in the bollocks on his Essex stag do and disappointing the missus on the wedding night. Lads, we have a clear winner!

In brief:

  • Laser mayhem activity for your Essex stag do
  • 2 hours of gaming
  • 10 games
  • 8 laser combat fields
  • 1 massive tank
  • 2 armoured personnel carriers you can shoot from
  • Planes and helicopters
  • Laser guns with scope
  • Bring old trainers
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Laser Mayhem

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