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Fuengirola is the beach capital of the Costa del Sol. There are 7 to choose from, from the bustling central Los Boliches to the much quieter Torreblanca and the historic El Castillo. Pick this package, and we'll take you to one of the busier beaches for an afternoon of proper sand, sea and competitive fun!

There's nothing not to love about a beach volleyball tournament: especially since we're also throwing in a massive 100 cold beers for the winners! Split your stag party up into teams, invite a few hot chicas to form crews of their own, and play for the honour of mankind plus a dirty great big cooler of bevvies. Amazing.

Fuengirola really comes into its own when the sun is shining and the beaches are full. Come here on a stag party and you'd be mad not to take full advantage of everything on offer. So drag the boys out of bed, stick the most hanging ones in a cold shower and get everyone down the beach. You'll love it!

We can't promise anything, but the local ladies have been known to get involved in our beach volleyball games. And there are plenty of hens who are up for a giggle...

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