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Fuengirola is blessed with seven miles of golden coastline. That means two things: girls in bikinis, and rich dudes in speed boats! Impress the former and join the latter for a stag weekend adrenaline ride you'll still be talking about at the wedding breakfast.

Head out from Funegirola Port to conquer the ocean waves in a sleek, sophisticated craft. You'll get ten out of ten for style as you cruise past the lovelies sunning themselves on the sand.

Enjoy the sensation of being the coolest cat on the Med while you can: because as soon as your expert pilot gets into safe waters, she'll be opening the throttle at face-melting speed!

These boats are more than just playboy's toys! All engine and nose, they go from 0 to stupid faster than you can say 'holy crap'. Hold on tight, and watch in awe as all seven miles of Fuengirola's beaches go past in a blur.

The ultimate way to revitalise chaps who've hit the bars and clubs hard on a Friday night, a speed boat ride will have you outrunning those hangovers in no time. There's nothing like it. Combine high-octane adrenaline with epic sightseeing, and make the most of your time in the sun!

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