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Hang ten, dude! Surfing's closest relative is wakeboarding, and adrenaline-mad stags can take to the water for a go in Fuengirola.

Combining wakeboarding and water skiing, this supercharged stag party activity that really is as wet and wild as they come! You'll be taught the basic moves by experienced instructors, given all the equipment you need and let loose to try out your newfound skills.

Wakeboarding is the trickier of the two sports. We recommend mastering the skis first, then moving onto the shorter, more agile board. The key is to shift your whole body weight forwards or backwards depending on which way you want to turn. It's the edge of the board that does all the work, so the more of the rail you have in contact with the water the faster and smoother your turns will be.

There are no worries if the fellers in your stag party have never had a go at either sport before. Our instructors are enthusiastic, inspiring and patient! They'll have you all up and riding in no time. How long it takes you to get good is another matter entirely...

Blow your hangover out of the water - literally - with Fuengirola's answer to Point Break. Amazing.

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