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Fuengirola is jam-packed with rich dudes showing off their latest toys - and water skiing is one of their favourite ways to turn heads! Join the playboys for an afternoon of adrenaline, tanning and man-fun that's guaranteed to get you noticed.

Water skiing is the ideal entertainment for a stag party Saturday afternoon. The chaps get to show off their manly physiques, learn a gnarly new skill and conquer a fearsome adrenaline hit. Plus you'll make the most of Fuengirola's huge beaches. No more sitting around the hotel room complaining about headaches, boys. Up and at 'em!

It's easy enough to master the basic tricks of water skiing. As the boat picks up speed, pull back hard on the cable and straighten your legs. The resistance will make you rise up out of the water automatically. Keep your weight taut against the handgrip, and lean into each turn to ride smoothly across the water!

To stay upright, try to ski in a tight arc behind the boat. The wider you ride, the more chance there is of stacking it.

A stag party winner and a guaranteed way to make girls look at you, water skiing should be on every feller's bucket list. Game on!

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