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Stay in a hotel or apartment in Gdansk and you're likely to be kicking back in one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings you've ever seen. Expect riverside views (of the Motlawa River), secretive medieval streets and dirt cheap hostels that don't mind if you come in drunk at four a.m. Oh, and plenty of fellow stag parties and tourists during the summer months, when half of Poland descends on the city!

If you're in town to party, consider getting a hotel around the corner from the legendary Bar Absinthe, which kicks off practically 24 hours a day and will put you in no fit state to wander anywhere after a few hours of shot-downing and table dancing. Or opt for one of the many budget hostels that populate the central streets of Gdansk's old town and dot the riverside boulevards. We'll get you the best deals on any accommodation you want, from opulent mega-pads to no-nonsense dorm rooms.

Book your accommodation at the same time as your activities and airport transfers to get your whole stag weekend sorted in one hit. There's nothing left to do then but chuck your spare clothes in the room and start in on the beers!

Prices are based on 2 nights' accommodation however 3 - 10 nights' accommodation is also available.

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fancy border Brewery Tour

Brewery Tour

  • Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting
  • Bar Crawl
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

From £172.00

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