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Beer is beautiful. Beer is best. Need we say more? Come and try the finest brews in Gdansk on a stag party tour that gives you plenty of tasty deliciousness.

This is a quick, classic way to inject a little bit of culture into your Gdansk stag party. Take a break (just a little one) from all the strippers and shooting activities, and get to know the inside of a microbrewery in the city. You'll be given a 15-minute tour by an English-speaking guide, and of course there are a few small beers to try at the end.

As hangover cures go, you can't beat wandering around the innards of a brewery! The information is interesting enough to make you forget your headache, without being so technical you don't care. And if all you can do is wait for the chance to get some sweet healing beer down your throat, you only have to hold off for a few minutes.

Take a wander through the brewery with our lovely lady guide, raise your three glasses of free beer to your groom and your host, and emerge feeling like you learned something!

The brewery tour gives you much more time with the beers than it does with the facts and figures, clocking in at roughly two hours in total. We recommend arranging it for the Saturday afternoon of your Gdansk stag party, when the lads will be in need of a pick-me-up. Cheers!

In a nutshell

  • Mini-brewery tour
  • Minimum 8 people
  • 10-15 minutes tour
  • 2 hours in total
  • Sample 3 beers each (0.3 litre glasses)
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