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Bubble football has become a Europe-wide stag do favourite. When you do it in Gdansk, you'll see why!

This hilarious sport is the ultimate in stag do activities. It's got everything you need to satisfy a big group of footie-mad lads, and it's even quality fun for fellers who don't usually play.

By dressing every player in an inflatable Zorb suit, which covers the whole body including the arms and head, the geniuses who invented this game have basically levelled the playing field! It doesn't matter how good you are normally, if you're trying to pull off a quick one-two from inside a pair of blow-up hamster balls, you're not going to get very far.

Instead, you'll find you spend half the game bouncing around on your head, trying to get upright again in time to kick the ball! Goalies roll around between the sticks like drunk Subbuteo players, defenders end up in a pile in the corner, and attackers over-cook their shots, fall on their sides, and bobble uselessly up against the post. This is five-a-side football, but not as you know it!

Bubble football is a guaranteed winner for a Gdansk stag do. You'd have to be dead not to find it funny. And it'll sweat some of that Polish beer out in time for another go at the drinks in the Cafe Absinthe or the bars in the centre of town.

In a nutshell

  • 50 minute match
  • Instructor
  • 10 Zorb suits
  • Minimum 8 people
  • Guide
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Bubble Football

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