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Paintball is one of the most popular stag party activities out there. You won't find anyone complaining if you book a session for your stag weekend in Gdansk!

Indoor paintball has the added bonus of being unaffected by wind and rain. When you're safely under cover and blasting the heck out of each other with paint-filled bullets, it doesn't matter what the weather is like outside.

This cracking game features 200 balls, and takes place in an indoor arena filled with obstacles and objects, behind which cover can be taken. Battle it out in classic combat scenarios, or disregard the rules of engagement and gang up on the stag. He's got to take a painting from the firing squad at least once!

Indoor paintball tends to provide a more urban environment for warfare. Instead of woods, trees, and natural obstacles, you can expect to run for cover in a game zone splashed with graffiti and littered with the colourful spent shots of previous battles. Stay low, get into position, and take out the groom with extreme prejudice!

Indoor paintball is a quality addition to your stag weekend in Gdansk. It's frantic, furious fun and you get 2 hours to maximise your kill rate. Take aim!

In a nutshell

  • 2 hours
  • 200 balls
  • Safety equipment
  • Instructor
  • Full-time guide
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