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Want to take down your mates in a combat situation, but don't want to come home covered in bruises? Laser tag is the sport for you! A classic addition to your stag party in Gdansk, laser tag offers all the adrenaline of traditional shooting games, but without the danger of personal injury.

Firing sci-fi laser pistols and aiming at infra-red vests worn by the other players, you'll unleash your inner action hero over four floors of epic adventure! With impressive sound and visual effects to enhance the atmosphere, and tons of rooms to run around in, this high-octane game will make you feel like you're on the set of a horror movie set in space-or maybe a classic like Star Wars!

Set your phasers to 'stun' and take out the lads in a series of game scenarios. You know the drill, boys. Go low and sneak into enemy territory before you take out the big man. Set up a strategic ambush. Conquer every floor of the building. No retreat, no surrender.

This is actually a pretty awesome activity to do with a hangover. The sci-fi sets and special effects will soon make you forget your headache! And the non-impact nature of the sport means the lads won't have a chance to complain about bruises or paint spatters.

Add laser tag to your stag party in Gdansk, and give the boys a pain-free way to shoot each other. Lock and load, soldiers!

In a nutshell:

  • 60-minute game
  • 4-storey building
  • Sound and visual effects
  • All necessary equipment
  • Instruction
  • Max 12 players at one time
  • Minimum 6 people
  • Full-time guide
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