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Funnier than seeing your best mate try to pull after a night on the shandy, bubble football is a guaranteed winner for a stag weekend! Crack it out on the afternoon of day two to bring jaded gents back from the dead, at a sports centre in the middle of Glasgow. Back of the net!

You've seen Zorbing: well, this is the next stage in the evolution of the inflatable stag weekend activity! Wrapped from head to kneecap in massive plastic bubbles, you and your mates get an hour to play the craziest game of footie ever. With no arms to balance, and your vision seriously impaired by the foot and a half of inflated Zorb between you and the world, this isn't a five a side game, it's human ping pong!

Doesn't matter who's got the maddest skills, and who can barely complete a square pass. Once you're wrapped up in a transparent ball, the only talent that matters is the ability to stay on your feet. Bounce, laugh and roll around on the floor while the group primadonna has a hissy fit because he can't do a Cruyff turn dressed as an upside-down Subbuteo figure.

Bubble football is guaranteed to raise a laugh no matter how hard you lot partied on Trongate last night. Old Firm derby it ain't, but plenty of fun it most definitely is.

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Bubble Football

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