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Ay carumba! If there's one spirit absolutely, positively guaranteed to put the fun into a stag weekend, it's tequila. Now the drink that keeps on giving just got a little more generous. Join us for a fascinating lesson in the art of distilling and drinking Mexican mental juice, complete with two three-shot blind taste tests.

We're taking you to a bar in the heart of Glasgow, where a bona fide tequila expert will put you through your paces with one free cocktail and six free shots! In between drinks, you'll learn how tequila was first imported to the UK, why they put the worm in the bottle, and why the worm isn't really a worm at all.

Your afternoon starts with a welcome drink, and a chance to embarrass the daylights out of the stag in a round of tequila based show and tell! What's the worst thing he ever did after a shot of the good stuff? How about you? Just remember, anything revealed on a stag weekend stays on the stag weekend...

After a fascinating lecture, delivered while your shots are being prepared, you'll be asked to spot the quality tequilas in the lineup. Winners get to brag about their talented taste buds. Losers are given hilarious booby prizes and a solid mocking. Cheers!

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Tequila Tasting

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