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Get your kicks and live the Call of Duty dream on your Gran Canaria stag do! Airsoft is a big must. There's an arena over here that'll make you feel like Jack Mitchell. You get loads of ammo, replica guns, camo gear, masks, and plenty of time on the field, which is awesome. As you're going into battle on the coast, it's sand not grass and mud. There are huts and bunkers, tunnels, an old plane, trucks and a tank. The scene is set for skirmishes and epic fight scenes. Team up, collect your kit at HQ, gather round for the briefing, get your game face on, and unload a few mags.

The arena's got elements of jungle and desert. It's about as authentic as you can get. Play games and get totally absorbed in the whole thing. If you're really into immersive gaming, airsoft in Gran Canaria will do it for you. Feel the adrenaline kick in and your heart hammer as you sneak up on the enemy and fill him full of holes. Settle that old score. Gang up on the stag. Do the sniper thing. Have a full-on showdown on the sand. It's all good.

If lying on Maspalomas beach for three days straight doesn't sound like your idea of an exciting Gran Canaria stag do, get airsoft in your game plan. You've got to have a little healthy competition on a lads' weekend. Nut up, grab your weapon and see some action!

In brief:

  • Amazing outdoor airsoft arena in Gran Canaria
  • Sand, palm trees, bunkers and old Army vehicles
  • Replica guns
  • 3 magazines of balls (you can buy more on the day)
  • Camouflage uniform
  • Masks
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