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Want to add a little spice to your Hamburg riverboat cruise? Bring some boobies on board, and combine a spot of floating sightseeing with some lady-landmarks of your very own!

There's plenty of water around Hamburg, which is the second largest port city in Europe. Enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed: with a beer in hand and a beautiful fraulein showing you her naked bits.

There's a cash bar on board, perfect for reviving flagging fellers and raising a couple of toasts to the groom. Get the lads back into the stag party spirit as Hamburg drifts past the prow, then blow their minds with a quality strip show!

One of the hardest things about being best man is finding time to fit it all in! You want to give your best mate a sendoff that includes a bit of everything - massive nights out, quality chill time, adrenaline activities and awesome lady action.

Tick three of the most important stag party boxes in one brilliant hour. With this naughty little boat cruise, the chaps get to catch up and hang out on the river, but they also get beer and norks. Good times!

In a nutshell:

  • Riverboat cruise with stripper
  • Onboard bar
  • Max 30 people
  • 1 hour cruise with 15 min strip
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