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How's you poker face, boys? Find out whether you're a stone player or a terrible teller with this classic stag party casino night!

We've got you entry to one of Hamburg's classiest casinos, in the heart of the city where the high rollers come to play! Dress to turn heads, and make sure you've rehearsed your chip tricks if you want to impress the ladies at the poker tables.

Great for guys who love to gamble, and a brilliant alternative activity for stags who just want to try something new, a casino night is the perfect Saturday evening opener. Spend a few hours on the tables, crack open some champagne from the bar and see if you can swell your stag party kitty with a couple of legendary hands.

With classic games and slot machines on offer, there's something for every chap in the stag party. We recommend paying extra special attention to what you're wearing if you're up for a round of classic casino games. Look sharp, play sharp and leave an impression!

After a Friday night hitting the bars and clubs of Hamburg as hard as you can, staying in one place and doing something that requires a little concentration is the best way to take the lads' minds off hangovers! Pick a game and get involved.

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